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2015 Flower, Humphrys, Smith & Thomas Ancestry Book
2015 Brooks & Colwill of Magill Ancestry Book
2016 Brooks & Clisby of Magill/Adelaide Ancestry pdf
2017 Scott family Ancestry pdf
Brooks Ancestry
Neil Brooks' DNA Mapping Oct 2018
Family History in S.A. Links
Historical NAME search
Historical TITLE search
Genealogy S.A. Database search
S.A. Almanac search
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Neil's family history
Flower/Humphrys Ancestry 1750-2014 Online
Brooks/Colwill 11/11/2015 Online Summary
(draft)Pollard/Brooks 26/08/2015 pdf

other History PDF Downloads
Neil Brooks DNA Mapping
Susan Scott's family ancestry
Clarence M Humphrys WW1 Diary pdf (sample)
Brooks & Colwill pdf (sample)
Extract of Colwill only
Brooks & Clisby pdf (sample)
Flower, Humphrys, Smith & Thomas family History (Sample)

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Neil & Bev's Holiday maps 2001-2016
Click map image

Brooks on Holiday
#Code 2014 for S.Aust only
(1) use #Codes not Postcodes UK postcode like.
(2) #Code - Fast Data Entry using #3X4
(3) Big Map Auto-Complete
(4) hashCodes or qqCodes
(5) hashCodes Address Attributes
(6) myMacro Explained
(7) myMacro - setup
(8) myMacro Freeform

Map Facilities around the world
FRIXO's UK Live Traffic reports
How far is it Between
Save Route
Measure Distance
Radius Around Point
Radius From UK Postcode
Area Calculator
Distance Between 2 UK Pcodes
UK Postcode Map
UK Pcodes Inside a Radius
Polygons from a CSV
Koti Examples
Ajax loading CSVs
Plotting Great Circles (new)

V3 constructs a circle set in metres by Koti (new)

Property Resources in S.Aust
(1) Property Location Browser
(2) VG's Median House Values
(3) How to get from 1 address to another by car/bus/train/walking

BroMit's Sandbox
Pre Dec 2014 version

Google Map Documentation
index V3 (nov 2013)
demos V3

 BroMit's Utilities - v22072019
Full Page BigMap V3 (Note Google Maps V3 19th Nov 2013)
Full Page BigMap V3.1 with #Code (test Sept2014)
Big Map with Auto-Complete Module (test Aug2014)
Address Auto-Complete Module of Google Maps V3.
Google Map V3 Drawing Tools Full Page Map
4sale Fast access to's property for sale maps
HashDataEntry - Fast Data Entry using #3X4 S.A.Data only (2014)
Postcodes Out, #Codes In UK postcode like ADDRESSING + Map
================ Geocoders ================
Click Map for a Lat/Long's grabbing Lat/Lon from a map click
Itouch's Grabit..Google Maps V3 Grabs Lat/Lon from a map
Google Address Components of Google Maps geocoder V3.
Draggable Markers of Google Maps V3.
Google's Batch Geocoder Esa/BroMit v2 still works
BroMit's Grabit Lat and Lon(not working use Itouch) Grabs the lat/Lon from a google map and adds to a Log for later use.
Batch Geocoder..v2 (not longer available)
Batch Geocode up to 100 addresses - a utility that relied on Javascript accessing the Clipboard which is no longer allowed.
Lite Batch Geocoder..v2 (not longer working)(see above)

================ UK towns ======================
UK Place Lookup UK Town and County Lookup and Map (2014)
Somerset centered BigMap V3
UKTowns Very fast "part Town Name" Lookup giving a multitude of mapping options.
Key Hole UK..v2 UK Address using Keyhole Satellite image?
CBoatDataEntry sample data entry for UK...v2
Click Circle UK Click a map as centre, then click at a point on your Circumference and a Circle will appear...v2
================ miscellaneous ==================
IPHONE A desktop utility destined for the download
touch trying out touch screens
BMap "Streets Ahead" Address Assist Lookup and map...via Fullers 2000
#Code - Fast Data Entry Only has Fullers Maps 2000 street names (2014)
Online Map Report Accepts multiple Addresses, Lats and Lons from the ClipBoard and reports them on a map...v2 (not working)
Online Map Test Data BMapReport Addresses must be in this format.
OzMap Very fast "part Street Name" Lookup giving a google map...Fullers 2000 ..v2
Click Circle Click a map as centre, then click at a point on your Circumference and a Circle will appear... v2
ConCentric Circles Click a map as centre, then click anywhere and 1km Concentric Circles will appear. ... v2 (not working)).
Click Route Click a map for a start point, then click at the next point and a distance and accumulated Distance are calculated...v2
Create a Polygon and get Area Click a map for a start point, then click points to define a polygon, then select "Calc Area" ..v2 (not working)
Nearest Street to a Click A brilliant solution looking for a problem...v2 (not working)
Add Me To The Map(not working) Internet Data Validation and Entry

Tools Available from

A list of some of the facilities have available for use. There is a more comprehensive list of tools and resources here.

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