The Flower and Humphrys Ancestry
from Somerset UK to Burra & Stony Gap South Australia

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Sample of Ancestry Book
The Family's life in the 1850s to 1900s
(1) the family life in Cornwall and Somerset UK
(2) a diary of a voyage from Plymouth to South Australia
(3) life in South Australia in 1855
(4) Mining at Burra 1850-1900
(5) Farming at Stony Gap 1850-1875
(6) Farming at Hanson from 1879-
(7) Droving around Kingston South East in 1860s
(8) Opening up South Australia by building the railways
(9) Giving up farming and moving to Adelaide.

Sample of The Working Man's Handbook of 1849 for SA
What families can expect on reaching S.A.
(1) What they should wear
(2) How to look for work, and what professions are needed.
(3) How to succeed in South Australia
(4) Production statistics in 1849
(5) Mining in South Australia
(6) Farming in South Australia
(7) How to purchase a property for future farming

Sample of Clarence M Humphrys WW1 diary.
Life of a recruit, 1916-1918
(1) Saying goodbye and sailing from Adelaide.
(2) The voyage from Adelaide via Perth, Cape Town, Cape Verde to Plymouth.
(3) Training near Stonehenge.
(4) Leave in Bristol and London.
(5) Leaving for France
(6) Life and death in the trenches.

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